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Tianjin Geomaster O.E.M. Instruments Co., Ltd. (Geomaster/China) was established in 1996, in Tianjin,China. The successful integration of direct manufacturing, joint manufacturing and trading practices has led Geomaster/China to a one-stop professional supplier of a wide range of O.E.M. (Optical, Electronic and Mechanical) instruments widely used in the surveying, mapping and construction industries--from Reflectorless Total Stations, Optical/Digital/Laser Theodolites, Automatic/Digital/Optical Levels, Optical Collimator Systems to Aluminum/Wooden/Fiberglass Tripods, Leveling Rods and Staffs, Poles, Prism Reflections Systems (incl. Prisms, Holders, Targets, Adaptors, Tribrachs…), Distance Measuring Equipment, Drafting and Mapping Equipment, Surveying Compass, Lasers and etc. Geomaster/China will continue his every endeavor to present his worldwide agents, distributors and/or occasional end-users quality products, reasonable prices, sound services and constant innovations. So, shoul... [Detail]

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